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Statistically front windshield and back auto glass suffer more often from the active use of the car and most commonly are in demand. In our NJ Auto Glass shop you can get suitable auto glass at the lowest prices in New Jersey.

How often while sitting in the car do you think about risk to your health and sometimes a life? We have got so used to our means of transportation that seldom think about our own safety. If drivers of vehicles would think more responsibly about safety, we might not raise this question and have less of serious consequences.

Auto glass plays a major role from the safety point of view of the car and any vehicle. They protect a us and vehicle from many troubles, for example from weather conditions, from being hit by subjects during movement of the car and even from thefts. Visibility depends on auto glass transparency. Windshield and back auto glass have a greater degree in this concern. For this very reason auto glass should given particular attention.

The basic technical characteristics which quality auto glass should possess is a transparency and crash-worthiness. This quality of auto glass is the most important. With our New Jersey Auto Glass service you can get windshield, back auto glass and any other auto glass with an optimum parity of the price and quality.

There are two types of auto glass: single-layered and multilayered. Single-layered automobile glass pass special thermal processing, they are gradually heated up and then cooled down. While breaking, tempered auto glass scatters into small pieces with no sharp points, thus preserving passengers of the car against additional injuries. Most often side or door auto glass and back auto glass are single-layered.

Windshield auto glass usually is made of multilayered glass, called "triplex". This type of glass has received its name thanks to three layers of glass that are involved in it. Between two tempered glass layers, special transparent film is inserted that strongly unites two external layers. The glass made using this technology, is absolutely transparent. If the windshield breaks, the film reliably keeps splinters, without allowing them to be showered into the car interior. Auto-glass of the "triplex" type, possesses good stability to mechanical damages.

During the purchase of auto glass you should pay special attention to the manufacture product codes and marks. There should be a trade mark or the name of the manufacturer. Also it is necessary to check that on auto glass has an official confirmation sign according to rules R43 of the United Nations or the instruction 92/22/СЕЕ. Auto glass should have the date of manufacturing and a designation to the standards to which it corresponds.

However correctly selecting auto glass does not yet solve all of the problems. It is necessary to install auto glass correctly. Recently few automobile owners are engaging independently in auto glass installation without having necessary knowledge and skills. Such carelessness can lead to tragic consequences. This is a responsible business, and is better to be entrusted to professionals. Certainly, repair executed by professionals will manage to be more expensive, but auto glass installation quality will be high and it will avoid risk to yourself and others. Our NJ auto glass specialists will perform a quality auto glass installation work and within the short time you will be on your way. With our auto glass service you will receive the guaranteed results. Our auto glass experts will perform replacement of any auto glass on any car make and model within the reasonable price, that is backed by our price and quality guarantee.

Not always damaged auto glass must be replaced. Small scratches and chippings caused by stone hitting a glass are possible to repair. Our auto glass experts will quickly cope with auto glass repair work. Cost of such service is defined by the specialist and depends on degree of the damages.

Drivers should watch carefully for auto glass condition and if necessary make immediate auto glass repair or auto glass replacement. Before choosing auto glass it is always better to consult with experts. We are always here to help you to pick correct type of auto glass for your car. Also do not forget that installation or repair of auto glass is better to be entrusted to professionals possessing all necessary skills. Similar safety measures will help you to secure yourself against many accidents on road.

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