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Usually auto glass services offer customers auto glass from different manufacturers, with different qualities and prices. Accordingly, before planning a campaign to shop for an auto glass or a trip to auto glass service, it is necessary to arm with information on – how to choose good auto glass which will serve faithfully for many thousands of miles?

Even during production auto glass can het damaged while being transported or stored, therefore it is necessary to be extremely attentive, choosing auto glass for your car. First start with visual quality assurance – auto glass should have no scratches, being chipped off or cracks and other external defects. Auto glass edges should be carefully processed and have a smooth edge surface. If auto glass has damages, muddy or deforms objects – do not buy it.

Auto glass should have markings in black color in its corner – check for its presence and correctness. Markings specify the manufacturer trade mark, the signs on the international criteria confirming conformity of auto glass to standards, glass type (WL – triplex, T - tempered), manufacturing date.

If you are buying back auto glass check electro heating tips, they should match up with the current tips located on the internal side of auto glass surface. The decorative edging is placed on the back and side motionless glasses – a narrow strip from small black points of glass along the edges.

Auto glasses are subject to obligatory certification. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for the documents confirming quality of auto glass; after all, your safety depends on it. Good luck to you on the road!

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