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Got scratches or a crack on the auto glass? Because of vibrations, differences of temperatures small damages on windshields (scratches) turn to cracks which spoil appearance reducing safety and comfort. In many cases it is possible to avoid replacement of all auto glass. We easily and quickly eliminate scratches, cracks of auto glass. In many cases thanks to technology it is possible to repair chipped off or cracked auto glass without auto glass replacement. Using this technology it became possible to repair scratches of any length and chipped off glass of any configuration on the external part of auto glass. This repair occupies between half of an hour to hours. Shortly about this technology: internal cavities of damaged area are filled in by the special polymers that have the same factor of refraction as auto glass with high level of adhesion. As a result of polymerization, internal surfaces of cracks reliably stick together. Auto glass repair prevents further damage development which becomes almost invisible or hardly noticeable. Cost of this kind of repair in many cases does not exceed half of cost of new auto glass.

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