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Unfortunately our roads are not ideal and there are troubles on the way. This is in regard that auto glass cracks and getting chipped off from impact with stones and other hard objects on the road. If you have discovered that your auto glass has even a small crack or been chipped off remember the main rule – do not to leave this situation to seat.

Even a small crack influences properties of auto glass and can lead to its further destruction: the crack will gradually increase and will reach the edge. If the temperature inside of the car sharply decreases or rises, that could be affected by air conditioner or car heater, the windshield with a crack can get deformed. There are two solutions for this situation – replace a windshield or repair a crack.

Advice of experienced specialists is - once scratches or cracks have appeared, it is better to replace your auto glass. While sometimes it is still possible to leave windshield with a small scratch and do some travelling before it would be necessary to replace your auto glass. If scratch or the crack is more serious – there is only one solution: purchase and install new windshield or auto glass.

Repair of auto glass – this procedure is not cheap, and does not guarantee that after service crack will not grow. Often, after auto glass repair, it might be necessary to visit auto glass service again and perform all procedures again. Even if the service does not take money for repeated repair of auto glass, nobody compensates losses of your time and nerves. Even quality auto glass repair cannot restore the initial condition of auto glass and its property. The crack can still be seen during the night-time operation of the vehicle and during reflection of the light from headlights of approaching cars.

Do not try to repair auto glass independently. Special knowledge, skills and experience are required for this procedure. Attempting to solve this problem on your own can make any further attempts to repair your auto glass by skilled specialists worthless. If auto glass problem has appeared on the way, as a provisional measure you may apply a transparent sticky or adhesive tape on the damaged auto glass area and schedule your car for an auto glass service as soon as possible.

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