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If you have decided to buy or replace auto glass, please check our NJ auto glass service – mobile service, low prices with price guarantee, lifetime warranty, quality windshields, back and side (door) auto glass from the leading manufacturers. What is an advantage of auto glass from our company?

1. Quality materials. During manufacturing process of automobile glass, quality materials and films are applied to triplex that provides fine visibility and a surprising transparency of auto glass, high level of safety and comfort of your car driving.

2. Long service life. Thanks to quality processing, auto glass is perfectly resistant to sand and other abrasive materials which collect on wiper blades and can quickly scratch auto glass.

3. Strict quality assurance. Before auto glass installation, all auto glass passes quality assurance: auto glass is checked visually on presence of cracks, chopped off pieces, quality of processing of auto glass edges. Tests for resistibility to impact, light and radiation, humidity and a heat, to a heatstroke and a number of other tests are taken as necessary under the international standards.

4. Low prices of auto glass replacement or repair. Direct deliveries from manufacturers, passing by numerous wholesalers, allow us to keep prices of auto glass very attractive on the market. We give you price guarantee! We will beat prices of any other auto glass service provider in NJ guaranteed!

5. Careful transportation. We pay high attention to the transportation of our auto glass. Extra packing, care and glass storage provides extra safety during auto glass delivery to our New Jersey customers.

6. Mobile Auto Glass Service, that means we come to you! We will replace or repair auto glass at your convenience at any NJ location, whether at your home, office, school and so on, within shortest time possible!

7. Quality service. We stand behind our quality! We provide our customers with lifetime warranty against any leaks.

8. An individual approach. We aspire to offer each client an individual approach and provide quality service, consultation concerning a choice, purchase and glass installation.

9. A guarantee on installation. Our NJ Auto Glass service provides a guarantee on installation of auto glass, tightness and quality of installation.

10. Conformity to the world standards. Auto glass corresponds to the quality world standards: DOT-739 (USA), ECE-R43-E6 (Belgium), ISO-EN-9000:2000 (TSE), ISO-EN-9000:2000 (BEC), TS-917 (TSE), ECE-R43-E37.

Auto glass installed by our service is quality product from the leading manufacturers and a guarantee of your safety on the journey and comfort of your car. It is very easy to schedule auto glass installation with our service - just call the number specified on this website or fill out a quote form on this website and our representative will give you the information on glass availability, price and schedule you for auto glass installation.

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