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Two layers of glass are fastened with each other by the layer of polymeric substance. The hardened form of glass from a regular window glass differs in terms of heat treatment. Remember that glass in the automobile must be originally good in quality. Poor quality auto glass is dangerous for the life. Low quality glass might have optical defects, which distort idea about the distance between autos, can reflect in the sunlight and be the reason for serious and heavy accident.

Quality auto-glass must be only factory made. One of the most important conditions of high quality auto-glass is the requirement of observance of the established size standards and thorough polishing of the edge. Poor quality glass is frequently not cut out on the special equipment, as a result it does not correspond to normative sizes and is not properly fixed during the installation, passes moisture into salon, or vice versa, and does not fit. In the last case “garage specialists” try to cut it, and as a result, edges become uneven and this causes cracks after the installation.

It is possibleto replace auto-glass at any service center. But it is better to select a company, which was long time on the market and has good reputation. Not in every case cracked auto-glass worth replacing with a new one. Small chippings can be sealed. This repair takes about an hour. But you should hurry with this kind of repair, otherwise crack will be extended.

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